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Five habits that must be observed when operating an induction melting furnace!

Five habits that must be observed when operating an induction melting furnace!

(1) Observe the cooling water (temperature, water pressure, flow rate) on the internal and external circulating water system at any time. To

If a branch circuit is found to have low water flow, leakage, blockage, or high temperature, the power should be reduced or shut down for treatment; if the furnace cooling system is found to be powered off or the pump is stopped due to failure, the furnace cooling water should be shut down. Stop melting immediately;

(2) Observe the various indicating instruments on the door of the induction melting furnace power supply cabinet at any time, and adjust the input of the intermediate frequency power in time to obtain the best melting effect and avoid long-term low-power operation.

(3) Pay close attention to the current indication value of the leakage current indicator to grasp the change of the thickness of the furnace lining. When the indicator needle reaches the warning limit value, the furnace should be stopped and rebuilt. To

(4) If a protection indication suddenly appears during normal operation, first turn the power knob to the minimum position, and immediately press “Inverter stop” to find out the cause, and then start again after troubleshooting. To

(5) In the event of an emergency or abnormal situation, such as abnormal noise, smell, smoke, ignition or a sharp drop in output voltage, the output current will rise sharply, and the intermediate frequency will increase compared to normal operation, and leakage current (furnace lining alarm ) The value fluctuates greatly, which may be caused by the thinning of the furnace lining, the leakage of molten iron, and the arc short circuit of the induction coil gate. Press the “inverter stop” button to stop the machine immediately and deal with it in time to prevent the accident from expanding.