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How to prevent uneven quenching of half-shaft quenching equipment

How to prevent uneven quenching of half-shaft quenching equipment

The popular half-shaft quenching equipment has been more and more used in various industries, because of its fast heating speed and environmental protection skills and many other technical characteristics, so it is more and more popularized and used. However, in actual operation, many people will encounter uneven quenching of the equipment. Once the quenching is uneven, problems such as soft spots and soft bands may appear at the same time. So how to prevent uneven quenching in the half-shaft quenching equipment? Let’s elaborate on it below.

Prevention method 1: The welding point must be small and the precision must be high

The key point of the half-shaft quenching equipment in actual operation to avoid uneven quenching is to pay attention to reducing the welding points to improve the overall accuracy, because the equipment needs to make full use of the permeable magnet to adjust in the actual operation, if the accuracy is low If this happens, the direction of the latent heat of work cannot be kept consistent.

Prevention method two: check whether the spray hole is blocked

In the actual application of the half-shaft quenching equipment, if there is unevenness, etc., you need to check the water spray hole. If the water spray hole is blocked, it will often cause the cooling rate to be too slow or abnormal. It will be easy in the natural quenching process. If there is an uneven problem, if you want to correct it, you must first eliminate the clogging of the spray hole.

Prevention method three: heating temperature should be reached

If the temperature of the half-shaft quenching equipment is uneven during the quenching or the corresponding temperature is not reached, it will also cause this situation. It often needs to be heated to tens of degrees higher than the normal temperature to maintain the uniformity of the quenching process. Otherwise, it is easy to have problems such as temperature unevenness and affect the overall production and application.

In short, if you want to prevent the uneven quenching of the half-shaft quenching equipment, you must pay attention to the three key points mentioned above, especially the first time you operate the well-known half-shaft quenching equipment, you should pay more attention to the understanding, inspection, and discharge of these aspects. After these problems, the half-shaft quenching equipment can achieve very good application effects.