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Which billet induction heating furnace is of good quality and cheap?

Which billet induction heating furnace is of good quality and cheap?

Question: The company wants to buy a set of billet induction heating furnaces recently, but there are many manufacturers selling billet heating furnaces in the market. I don’t know which one is of good quality and cheap price?

Answer: “High quality and low price” has always been a standard we pursue when we buy goods, but we also have to believe in the truth of “you get what you pay for”. When we buy equipment, you lower the price of the product. The manufacturer suppresses the cost of the product.

During the production of a set of high-quality billet induction heating furnace:

1. In terms of design, the cost is less;

2. In terms of materials, high-rigidity frame structure;

3. In terms of craftsmanship, the equipment is meticulously crafted and refined;

4. On electrical appliances, brand electrical appliances;

5. In terms of accuracy, temperature closed-loop control, high temperature control accuracy;

6. The life span is several times worse, and the life span can reach more than ten years;

7. In terms of maintenance, low failure and low maintenance cost;

Each of these items is superimposed on the actual production cost of the billet induction heating furnace. On the basis of various production costs, the operating costs of the manufacturer must also be added, and a 24-hour all-round after-sales guarantee is also provided for customers. Work, how does it give you super low prices?

At present, the billet electric heating furnace is a very mature product in the world, and its price is inseparable from the actual production cost. Please believe in the principle that you get what you pay for.

As for the billet induction heating furnace, you can find several manufacturers who pay attention to details in equipment design and workmanship, compare the scale, technology, after-sales, and successful cases, and choose the one that suits you!