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Safety precautions during inspection and repair of induction furnace

Safety precautions during inspection and repair of induction furnace

1 The induction furnace and its power supply are heavy current equipment, and its normal work involves high and low voltage control accompanied by currents of less than 1A to thousands of amperes. This equipment should be considered as a system with a risk of electric shock, therefore, the following safety guidelines should always be kept in mind:

2 The maintenance and repair of equipment, instruments and control circuits can only be carried out by qualified personnel who understand “electric shock” and have been trained in the required safety matters, so as to avoid possible injury accidents.

3 It is not allowed to operate alone when measuring circuits with electric shock hazard, and there should be people nearby when performing or about to perform this type of measurement.

4 Do not touch objects that may provide a current path for the test circuit common line or power line. Make sure to stand on a dry, insulated ground to withstand the measured voltage or make it buffered.

5. Hands, shoes, floor, and maintenance work area must be kept dry, and measurement should be avoided under dampness or other working environments that can affect the insulation procedures of the joints withstands the measured voltage or the measuring mechanism.

6 To ensure maximum safety, do not touch the test connector or measuring mechanism after the power is connected to the measuring circuit.

7 Do not use test instruments that are less safe than the original measuring instruments recommended by the manufacturer of the measuring instrument for measurement.