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What are the characteristics of induction heating equipment?

What are the characteristics of induction heating equipment?

1. The induction heating equipment adopts IGBT frequency conversion and power adjustment, and is equipped with a complete protection device. The workpiece is heated quickly and has less oxidation and decarbonization. Compared with other equipment, it is more energy-saving and reduces the user’s production cost.

2. Adopt automatic feeding and unloading devices, and then configure the control system, which can realize automatic production for equipment production and effectively improve the production efficiency of users.

3. The temperature control accuracy of the induction heating equipment is high. Through the original infrared thermometer, the power of the equipment can be adjusted to achieve uniform heating and small temperature difference between the core and the surface to ensure that the workpiece heating meets the requirements.

4. The equipment is equipped with a furnace body of corresponding specifications according to the user’s workpiece size and floor space. The furnace body adopts a quick-change structure, and only needs to connect the water and electricity connectors, which is convenient and simple.