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Sensor maintenance and maintenance

Sensor maintenance and maintenance

1. Correct installation

The most basic requirement for the use of the equipment is correct installation, and the contact plate, whether it is a bolt, a cam, etc., must be close to the output end of the quenching transformer, and the contact surface needs to be clean and free of oxide skin. At the same time, the effective ring and the working gap must reach the specified value to prevent accidents such as short circuit.

2. The workpiece for quenching and heating should meet the requirements of workpiece size and cleanliness.

That is to say: the size and process of the workpiece must also conform to the relative inductor, and the size and positioning surface of the workpiece quenching surface must meet the process requirements to prevent the inductor from being damaged.

3. Regularly check the size of the effective circle

The effective circle must be checked regularly, and if errors are found, they must be changed in time.

4. Clean and wipe the working surface of the effective circle in time

5. The effective ring with the largest current should check the outlet water temperature regularly, and the outlet water temperature must not exceed 50℃.

Preparation: In order to prolong the service life of high-frequency induction heating equipment, high-frequency heating machine, medium-frequency heating machine, medium-frequency heating furnace and other products and their supporting sensors, daily maintenance and maintenance are necessary.