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Software System of Quenching Machine Tool

Software System of Quenching Machine Tool

Through the combination of basic codes, the quenching process of various complex shaft parts can be programmed, the energy state during processing can be monitored through the energy curve, and the processing quality of the workpiece can be effectively checked through the energy control template. The functions of each energy module are

①Automatic processing module: read the processing code from the file, interpret and execute the code;

②Energy control module: It is mainly responsible for the function of energy collection, display and energy template deviation band comparison. In the process of processing, if the workpiece is in the heating state, the voltage, current and frequency of the power supply are collected through A/D conversion, and the sampled value is converted into a rate value, and the value is compared with the energy template deviation band;

③ Template editing function: Through the collected energy data curve, the upper and lower deviation bands can be edited, and the deviation band can be used as a template, or the existing template can be opened to re-modify the editing template;

④Manual control module: This module realizes status display (machine tool, power supply) and editing and modification of manual parameters;

⑤Fault diagnosis module: This module realizes self-diagnosis of faults and display of fault causes.