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Round steel forging production line

Round steel forging production line

Production line name: KGPS-350kW/2.5 round steel forging heating production line

Number of production lines: 1 set

Equipment use: used for round steel heating

Main process parameters and technical requirements of the equipment:

4.1 Heating process requirements:

4.1.1 Round steel material: 36MnVS4C70S6

4.1.2 Round steel specification range: φ 38-42 Φ 45-50

4.1.3 Heating temperature: 1200-1250 °C

4.1.4 Beat: Take this material as an example Φ 40*120 , the fastest 6 seconds / piece.

4.1.5 The heating is stable during normal operation, the temperature fluctuation between each section is within ± 15 °C; the temperature difference of the round steel after heating : axial ( end and tail ) ≤ ± 50 °C; radial (core) ≤ ± 50 °C

4.1.6 The cooling water supply system pressure is greater than 0.5MPa (normal water pressure is greater than 0.4MPa ) , the maximum temperature is 60 °C , and the corresponding hose pressure and interface also need to be scaled up to safety standards.