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Method for selecting special temperature measurement system for molten steel furnace

Method for selecting special temperature measurement system for molten steel furnace

D – T5 smelting and casting thermal image temperature measurement and control system is a new type of casting and smelting thermometer combined with infrared temperature measurement and thermal imaging technology. The whole system is made up of all-radiation vanadium oxide sensor technology (VOx) optoelectronic technology, which uses uncooled micro-thermal radiation to accurately measure temperature. The D – T5 temperature measurement system is better able to resist electromagnetic, smoke and dust interference on site. Scanning temperature measurement eliminates the scum interference of molten steel and molten iron, making the measurement more stable and accurate, and the sturdy outer casing makes it suitable for a variety of harsh working environments. At the same time it can continuously monitor each furnace of molten steel or molten iron.

After D – T5 smelting and casting real-time monitoring of temperature, as long as it is fixedly installed at an appropriate position within 5 meters from the furnace mouth and aligned with the peeping pipe through the peeping pipe, the temperature in the furnace can be continuously measured continuously, and the instrument output signal can be External equipment such as recorders, printers and large-screen displays can automatically record the temperature change curve and temperature measurement time in the furnace. Once the measurement parameters are set and adjusted at one time, the measurement system can automatically measure and record the temperature of each furnace, providing a reliable basis for production management and process improvement.

Temperature range 9 00-2 7 00 °C
0.5% or ±1 °C of the temperature measurement accuracy reading
±0.1% or ±1 °C of repeat accuracy readings

Ambient temperature is 43 °C ±5 °C
Response time is no more than 500 milliseconds
Working band 0.9um –1.08um

钢水测温仪 1

Temperature measurement diagram
Temperature resolution 1 °C
Emissivity correction 0.01-1.00 adjustable
Distance factor 30:1
1.5-5 meters
Temperature display four LEDs
Working voltage 220V
Work mode is directly stuck on the work surface, working continuously