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Features of melting furnace

Features of melting furnace:

1. Heating method: using magnetic field induction heating method, metal purification also has a very good effect.

2. Targets: (metallic gold) silver, copper, iron, aluminum, zinc, tin, antimony, nickel, and various alloys (non-metallic) silicon, polysilicon, and heated graphite molds, etc.

3. Heating furnace body: graphite crucible, quartz sand crucible, magnesia sand casting crucible, ceramic crucible, cast iron crucible, etc. (different crucibles are equipped according to the melt of different metals)

4. Main accessories: control circuit boards independently developed by the company, as well as modules, rectifier bridges and other accessories from major well-known manufacturers

5. Load support: 100% load continuity rate, gain time and profit for the enterprise

6. Heating speed: fast heating speed, suitable amount to melt the low melting point for 10-30 minutes, and the high melting point to melt for 40-50 minutes

7. Furnace temperature: more than 1200-1600 degrees, the temperature at which polysilicon can be melted

8. Support improvement: modifications such as temperature control can be designed, and customer customization requirements can be supported to a certain extent。