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Introduction to the performance of the control panel of the induction melting furnace accessories

Introduction to the performance of the control panel of the induction melting furnace accessories

1. The entire board is fully controlled by hardware, components are carefully matched and designed ingeniously, which not only has the stability of the hardware, but also has the versatility of the computer board.

2. All components of the entire board have been subjected to high temperature aging and installed in compliance with standards. The resistors all use precision metal film resistors; the capacitors use high-quality CBB correction capacitors or famous electrolytic capacitors; all integrated circuits use imported components, with minimal temperature drift and absolutely reliable performance.

3. The entire rectifier trigger circuit does not require any adjustment components, realizing zero debugging of the rectifier trigger circuit.

4. Using digital counting for phase shifting, strong anti-interference ability, to ensure three-phase balance, positive and negative half-wave symmetry, and star point drift is almost zero.

5. Rectified trigger pulse, using double pulse, pulse width 25O, reliable trigger, and modulated by 5~10KHz, the main control board has low power consumption and better stability.

6. The digital phase shift is more in line with the constant power characteristics, and the constant power function is stronger.

7. The zero-crossing synchronization is adopted, which is not affected by the distortion and frequency drift of the power grid, and has good anti-interference ability.

8. Automatic adjustment of inverter power factor (constant power function), fast and efficient, and low labor intensity of workers.

9. ±15 V dual power supply, stable operation without drift.

10. Constant current start, buffer lift, power potentiometer can be started, stopped, and protection reset operations can be performed at any position, making the operation foolish and simple.

11. Inverter symmetry adjustment is the original technology of our center, which can overcome the asymmetry of inverter output caused by any factor, and increase the inverter power efficiency by 5-10% compared with other control circuits.

12. Pre-detection of starting current to reduce the impact on components and the power grid caused by operating errors. To

13. Excellent current and pressure interception performance, which makes the equipment extremely adaptable to the load. To

14. Over-current, over-voltage and over-speed dual-thread protection, the protection speed is higher than the traditional line. To

15. Sweep frequency start-vibration, constant current start-up and other functions make the equipment start-up success rate truly 100%.

16. 8-band adjustment, which can adapt to different frequency loads without adjusting component parameters. Overcome the difficulty of adjusting the working frequency of the constant power board.