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Roll induction hardening machine configuration and performance

Roll induction hardening machine configuration and performance

Roll induction hardening machine configuration and performance:

1. The roll induction hardening machine adopts the moving mode of double frequency transformer.

2. The motion control of the induction hardening machine tool of the roll adopts a stepping motor to drive the ball screw drive. The two transformers are controlled by the same numerical control signal to ensure that the two transformers move synchronously. The relative position of the two transformers can be adjusted up and down. The speed is infinitely adjustable, and the stroke positioning is accurate. Enhanced lathe CNC system, simple and intuitive Chinese operation interface, stable and reliable operation, strong anti-jamming ability. The system can store various workpiece heat treatment process parameters, and the storage capacity is large.

3. The moving pair of the equipment adopts standard linear guide rails and is equipped with manual lubrication to ensure good lubrication.

4. The bed of the roll induction hardening machine tool is a steel structure.

5. The adjustment of the clamping stroke of the upper thimble is realized by driving the trapezoidal screw drive by the cycloidal pinwheel reducer. The forward and reverse rotation of the motor is realized by the relay circuit to realize the lifting and lowering of the upper thimble to change the length of the clamping. The upper thimble shaft is equipped with a No. 3 Morse hole, which can freely exchange thimbles of different shapes.

6. The rotation of the lower thimble, that is, the rotation of the workpiece, is driven by an asynchronous motor to drive the inverter to control the synchronous belt drive, which can realize a wide range of speed adjustment, and can be adjusted arbitrarily during the working process. The lower thimble shaft is equipped with a chuck.

7. The quenching transformer workbench is a two-dimensional adjustable work platform. The worktable can be adjusted arbitrarily in the horizontal plane, and the adjustment range is 100X100mm. The kinematic pair of the adjustment mechanism adopts a standard linear shaft and a linear bearing to be adjusted by a trapezoidal screw through the handwheel, which is convenient and flexible to adjust and has a high precision.

8. The counterweight part is pulled by the chain, which is safe and reliable and has a long service life.

Roll induction hardening machine tool can be used directly with intermediate frequency power supply and super audio frequency power supply. The control system adopts PLC, the rotation and movement of the workpiece adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, and the speed is steplessly adjustable. The roll quenching process is completed with two sets of frequency conversion induction heating equipment. One set of power frequency power supply is used for preheating the roll, and the other set of medium frequency power supply is used for quenching the roll, and its power is determined by the diameter of the roll.