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Common troubleshooting methods for small high-frequency quenching machines:

Common troubleshooting methods for small high-frequency quenching machines:

1. Failure caused by undervoltage

The solution is to adjust the adjustable resistance of the device panel clockwise or counterclockwise until the panel undervoltage light does not light up.

2. Water temperature failure

Exclusion method 1. The water temperature alarm that appears at work is caused by the water heat, and the water temperature can be lowered. It may also be caused by the blockage of the waterway. Find which way the water is blocked and clear it.

The second method of elimination is to replace it due to the failure of the water temperature relay.

3. Water pressure alarm

Exclusion method 1. Check whether the water pressure gauge is normal to see if there is any damage or adjust the water pressure to see if it is normal.

Exclusion method 2. Check the pressure of the water pump to see if there is any blockage.

Fourth, overcurrent exclusion

Remedy 1. Check to see if there is a short circuit and ignition of the furnace coil, and press the overcurrent reset button.

Exclusion method 2. It may be that the control circuit, the main board and the driver board are faulty and replaced.

Five, can not start

Elimination method, there may be changes in the load, and the frequency switch should be adjusted to a position suitable for startup.

6. Burn 380V small board

Exclusion method, it may be caused by the ignition of the furnace body or the sensor, and it can be used after processing.