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The wiring principle of 4 wires of high frequency induction heating equipment transformer

The wiring principle of 4 wires of high frequency induction heating equipment transformer:

1. First, distinguish the head and tail ends of the two sets of wires of the transformer coil. The specific method is: select any line number as A1. Find out whether the line is connected to a capacitor or a coil. If you go to the coil to see if the wire is in double and wound up or down. If it is on, the top of the corresponding outgoing line is the tail end of the group of lines, which is connected to the capacitor, and the lead at the other end of the capacitor is A2. The same is true. The ends of the other set of lines are B1 and B2.

2. After opening the main cabinet door, the left inverter bridge is A, and the right inverter bridge is B. The front module of the cabinet is 1, and the rear module is 2. Then the corresponding A, B, A2, B2 will come out.

3. Pull the four leads of the transformer into the main cabinet, and use A1, B2 or A2, B2 to pass through the current transformer. That is, the magnetic ring coil. The specific threading method is to thread the selected two leads into the two small transformers respectively, and then pass through the large transformers in parallel to correspond to the main cabinet, and then separate four labels.

4. When starting, if it can’t start, just switch the sync line.

The specific simplified method is: 1. Distinguish A1A2, B1B2,

2. Set the main cabinet as left A and right B. The first 1 and the second 2 correspond to A1A2 and B1B2 have been separated.

3. Use the same name end of the transformer to pass through two small magnetic toroidal coils, and then pass through the large coil in parallel, and the corresponding wiring can be done.

4. See if the synchronization is correct.