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Performance characteristics of high frequency quenching equipment

Performance characteristics of high frequency quenching equipment:

1. Heating speed, the heating time of ordinary heat treatment (such as quenching and annealing) generally does not exceed 10 seconds per piece, which solves the problem that the oxide layer is too thick due to the long heating time of the traditional heat treatment process.

2. Energy saving, 3/4 energy saving than the original electronic tube high-frequency machine, gas, gas furnace, electric furnace, etc.

3. The heating position can be controlled freely, and it will not generate too much heat to the position that does not need to be heated, which meets the heat treatment requirements of special work (such as: gear, sprocket tooth surface quenching, bar local heat treatment.)

4. Small in size and light in weight, it will not take up too much production space, and the working position can be moved at any time to facilitate production needs.

5.The operation is simple, you can know it as soon as you learn it. There is no open flame, no high temperature and high pressure when working (the working voltage of the induction coil is 36V), which has good safety.