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Components of a complete set of fully automatic quenching machine tools

Components of a complete set of fully automatic quenching machine tools

(1) Bed part: The machine tool adopts the structure of welded bed, which is annealed for stress relief as a whole. The sliding guide rail of the bed is made of stainless steel, which has good anti-rust performance. After the slide plate is finished, it can effectively ensure the movement accuracy. The structure is reasonable, stable and reliable. The surface of the main exposed parts is specially treated, which has good anti-rust and anti-corrosion performance.

(2) Skateboard moving system: The stepping motor is used to drive the ball screw to realize the lifting movement of the skateboard, the moving speed is steplessly adjustable, the transmission is light and fast, the guiding precision is high, and the positioning is accurate.

(3) Rotation system: The asynchronous motor drives the spindle to rotate through the speed change mechanism and transmission shaft. Using frequency conversion speed regulation technology, the speed is set according to the process requirements, and the workpiece speed is steplessly adjustable.

(4) Top seat adjustment mechanism: The mechanical transmission is used to realize the automatic adjustment of the position of the top center seat, so as to realize the clamping of workpieces with different lengths. The top center is easy to adjust and easy to operate.

(5) Cover frame: The cover frame is made of thick steel plate. It is well-made, beautiful in appearance, and generous in color. There are glass windows and sliding doors on the upper part of the cover frame, which can prevent cooling water from splashing outside, and facilitate loading and unloading of parts and monitoring of the quenching process .

(6) The control system adopts domestic well-known brands, and we can also use international brand systems according to customer needs.