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Preparation work before high frequency induction hardening equipment

Preparation work before high frequency induction hardening equipment

1. Before work, carefully check whether the grounding of each part of the equipment is reliable, and whether the transmission part of the machine tool is normal.

2. Check whether the cooling water pump and water pipe are unblocked, and whether the water pressure is between 0.05MPa-0.2MPa.

3. The equipment should be turned on according to the principle of first turning on the cooling water and then turning on the heating.

4. Install the sensor and connect the cooling water before heating. It is strictly forbidden for the equipment to be empty for a long time, and the heating must be stopped when changing workpieces.

5. During the operation of the equipment, observe the workpiece at all times, and do not touch the sensor to avoid ignition and short circuit.

6. When working, all the doors should be closed, and the high-voltage state should not be used for activities after the machine, and the door is strictly prohibited.

7. If abnormal phenomena are found during the working process of the equipment, the power supply of the equipment should be cut off first, and then analyze and troubleshoot.