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Mica board

Mica board

HP5 heat-resistant insulating mica board has excellent electrical insulation properties. The voltage breakdown index of ordinary products is as high as 20KV/mm. It has excellent bending strength and processing performance. This product has high bending strength and excellent toughness. It can be stamped It can process various shapes without layering.

A. Overview of HP5 heat-resistant insulation board

The mica board is made by bonding, heating, and pressing mica paper and organic silica gel water. The mica content is about 90%, and the organic silica gel water content is 10%.

B. HP5 heat-resistant insulation board cloud product characteristics

1. HP-5 hard muscovite board, the product is silver white, temperature resistance grade: 500 ℃ temperature resistance under continuous use conditions, 850 ℃ temperature resistance under intermittent use conditions.

2. HP-8 hardness phlogopite board, the product is golden color, temperature resistance grade: temperature resistance of 850 ℃ under continuous use conditions, and 1050 ℃ temperature resistance under intermittent use conditions.

3. Excellent high temperature resistance insulation performance, the highest temperature resistance is as high as 1000 ℃, and it has a good cost performance among high temperature insulation materials.

4. Excellent electrical insulation performance, and the voltage breakdown index of ordinary products is as high as 20KV/mm.

5. Excellent bending strength and processing performance. The product has high bending strength and excellent toughness. It can be processed in various shapes without delamination.

6. Excellent environmental performance, the product does not contain asbestos, has less smoke and odor when heated, even smokeless and tasteless.

7. HP-5 hard mica board is a high-strength plate-like material, which can still maintain its original performance under high temperature conditions.

C. Application areas

1. Household appliances: electric irons, hair dryers, toasters, coffee makers, microwave ovens, electric heaters, etc.

2. Metallurgical and chemical industry: industrial frequency furnaces, intermediate frequency furnaces, electric arc furnaces, injection molding machines, etc. in the metallurgical industry.

D. HP5 heat-resistant insulation board technical indicators

Serial number Index item unit R-5660-T1 R-5660-T3 Test Procedure
1 Mica paper   muscovite Phlogopite  
2 Mica content % ca.88 ca.88 IEC 371-2
3 Adhesive content % ca.12 ca.12 IEC 371-2
4 density g/cm2 2.35 2.35 IEC 371-2



Temperature resistance grade        
Under continuous use conditions °C 500 700  
Under intermittent use conditions °C 800 1000  
6 Water absorption rate 24H/ 23 ℃ % <1 <2 GB/T5019
7 Electric strength at 20 ℃ KV/mm >20 >20 IEC 243


Insulation resistance at 23 ℃ Ω .cm 1017 1017 IEC93
500 ℃ insulation resistance Ω .cm 1012 1012 IEC93
9 Fire resistance level   94V0 94V0 UL94

E. Purchase notice

1. The price is favorable, the manufacturer’s production cycle is short, and the product quality is guaranteed.

2. Regarding the size

Due to factors such as different measuring tools and measuring methods, there will be a small error in the size.

3. About the color

The products of our company are taken in kind. The colors are professionally proofread and are as close as the real tiles. Due to the difference in the color contrast and color temperature of the computer monitor.