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Aluminum melting furnace

Aluminum melting furnace

  1. The aluminum melting furnace is mainly the remelting of waste aluminum. The waste aluminum alloy is remelted to remove slag and then poured into aluminum


B. Application range of aluminum melting furnace:

Aluminum melting furnace is mainly used for the smelting and temperature raising of aluminum and aluminum alloys, especially for aluminum profiles, aluminum products, and other smelting sites where there are a lot of recycled materials and a single furnace is intermittently operated, such as aluminum profiles, aluminum products, alloy plates and scrap aluminum recycling Wait.

C. Composition of aluminum melting furnace:

The aluminum melting furnace equipment includes an intermediate frequency power supply cabinet, a compensation capacitor, a furnace body (two) and a water-cooled cable, a hydraulic tilting furnace, a hydraulic tilting furnace console, and a furnace leakage alarm device. The furnace body of the aluminum melting furnace is composed of four parts: a steel furnace shell, an induction coil, a furnace lining, and a hydraulic tilting cylinder.

Common specification selection of aluminum melting furnace:

Common specification selection of aluminum melting furnace:

Model parameter name
Rated Capacity
rated power
Operating temperature
Melting rate
GWJTZ0.3-160-1 0.3 160 700 0.25 1000
GWJTZ0.5-250-1 0.5 250 700 0.395 1000
GWJTZ1.0-350-1 0.8 350 700 0.59 1000
GWJTZ1.0-500-1 1.0 500 700 0.89 1000
GWJTZ1.6-750-1 1.6 750 700 1.38 1000
GWJTZ3.2-1500-0.5 3.2 1500 700 2.38 1000
GWJTZ5.0-2500-0.35 5 2500 700 4 1000

E. Features of aluminum melting furnace:

1. The aluminum melting furnace has fast heating speed, good working environment, energy saving and environmental protection.

2. Aluminium melting furnace ‍Convenient operation, ready to use

3. The heating temperature of the aluminum melting furnace is uniform, the metal composition is uniform, and the burning loss is small

4. High utilization rate of aluminum melting furnace, easy to change varieties

5. The aluminum melting furnace has a fast heating speed, easy temperature control, and high production efficiency.