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Impermeable and breathable brick for ladle

Impermeable and breathable brick for ladle

The product is made of high-purity raw materials and fired at high temperature. It has the advantages of thermal shock resistance, corrosion resistance, and impermeable steel. Composed of permeable gas components, safety alarms, seals, etc., argon is mainly supplied through anti-permeable gas components. It is used for bottom argon blowing in steelmaking LF, LF-VD, CAS-OB refining ladle and continuous casting ordinary ladle The process can be cleaned with less or even no cleaning, high blow-through rate, long life, and good safety. Compared with slit-type air-permeable bricks, this product is safer, energy-saving and emission-reducing, and can effectively reduce costs and increase efficiency for customers.

Main raw material: corundum spinelAl₂O₃:90-95%MgO:0-3.5%Cr₂O₃:0-3%

Internal structure

Technical parameters of impermeable air-permeable bricks for ladle

project environment Breathable brick Block
Al2O3+MgO(%) / / ≥94
Al2O3+Cr2O3(%) / ≥92 /
Bulk density(g/cm³) 1550℃×3h ≥2.7 ≥3.0
Compressive strength at room temperature(MPa) 1550℃×3h / ≥60
Flow (m³/h) 0.3MPa ≥28 /


  1. Impermeable parts

The anti-seepage components with patented and unique formula can completely avoid cleaning or intermittent cleaning when in use, which greatly increases the service life.

2.Unique number

The brick core and seat brick of each ventilated brick has its own unique number, so that we can track the production and use situation, and provide a higher safety factor than the stricter and more rigorous quality management system.

3.Block design

The patented and unique design of the block can effectively prevent the block from breaking, and the safety factor is higher during refining!

  1. Overall program

The longer service life of the brick core provides the possibility of splitting and reforming the whole, and solves the dilemma of many customers between safety and output. The unique patented embedded design greatly improves safety and prevents problems before they happen!

5.Safety warning

On the right is the real shot during normal use, and on the left is the company’s newly designed and patented safety warning device, which is easier to observe and judge during use, making you more at ease in operation.