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High temperature vacuum atmosphere furnace

High temperature vacuum atmosphere furnace


The main purpose

Vacuum atmosphere furnace (with gas detection device) is widely used in universities, scientific research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises for high temperature sintering, metal annealing, chemical industry, metallurgy, ceramics, new material development, organic matter ashing, and quality testing. It is also suitable Used in the production and experimentation of military industry, electronics, medicine, special materials, etc.

Product Introduction

The high temperature atmosphere furnace series is a horizontal vacuum atmosphere box furnace, which can also be called an oxygen-free annealing furnace or a vacuum atmosphere sintering furnace. It is specially designed to process materials in a vacuum state and an atmosphere (such as inert gas, etc.) Sintering, the high temperature can reach 1800 ℃, the introduction of foreign technology, independent research and development and production, energy-saving, new electric furnace. It has a reasonable double-layer shell structure, the surface temperature is less than or equal to 40 ℃ , and the appearance is beautiful and generous. It is processed by cold-rolled steel plate, CNC machine tools, high-precision laser cutting machines, and CNC bending machines. The surface is beautiful, luxurious, and two-color. The oxidized powder is electrostatically sprayed to achieve a durable, non-fading, high-temperature and corrosion-resistant surface treatment.

Heating element: Choose different heating elements according to the furnace temperature. Heating elements are divided into: electric furnace wire, resistance band, silicon carbide rod, silicon molybdenum rod, and molybdenum wire.

Liner material: The liner is made of imported temperature refractory materials and constructed by the craftsmanship. Strong thermal shock resistance, good corrosion resistance, no collapse, no crystallization, no slag, and long service life!

Temperature control mode: microcomputer intelligent adjustment technology, PID adjustment, automatic control, self-tuning function; multi-segment program programming, and can control various heating, heat preservation, and cooling programs; power adjustment; high temperature control accuracy; integrated module thyristor control , Phase shift trigger. Protection device: independent over-temperature protection, over-voltage, over-current, leakage, short-circuit protection, etc., with a high degree of automation, and all indicators have reached the level.


1 , the furnace shell structure using double furnace, furnace using 10mm steel processing, steel housing, the pressure vessel welding plant, to protect the seam airtight, no leakage point trachoma, broken lines, etc., reliable, A variety of protection designs in line with national standards, good performance.

2 , the heating body is made of high temperature heating elements, can withstand large loads, a stable and long life, to ensure, all-copper isolation transformer

3 , heating speed, from room temperature to 1600 ° C, typically requires 60-90 minutes

4 , high precision, small red temperature, with temperature compensation and temperature correction, accuracy of ± . 1 deg.] C

5 , imported temperature control instrument, having a program function, can be set temperature curve, can be compiled 2 group 16 program blocks

6 , integrated structure, can reduce the use of space, excellent design, beautiful, generous

7 , the electronic components are used ones, with leakage protection, reliable

8 , the present machine alarm signal during operation will be over-temperature, and to automatically complete protective action

9 , another inert gas can pass hydrogen, argon, nitrogen, etc., and can be pre-evacuated, to achieve a degree of vacuum of -0.1 MPa , (can be customized 1 Pa , -1Pa , -0.01Pa etc.), and glass rotameter Importers Pipes, etc.

10. The furnace door is side-opening. The furnace door and roof are sealed by stainless steel extrusion from left to right. The furnace door and the furnace are equipped with a circulating water cooling system. The furnace body has an air inlet, an air outlet, and a vacuum port.

11. According to requirements, a double-layer water-cooled furnace shell can be made to protect the sealing silicone gasket while assisting in accelerating the cooling rate.

12. The furnace door is sealed with a 20mm thick wire-cut flange, inlaid with an O -shaped silicone ring, and locked with a stainless steel hand wheel.

13. Optional large-screen paperless recorder to realize real-time recording of the heating curve, and with a memory card to analyze and print the experimental data

14. Temperature category: 600 ℃ 800 ℃ 1000 ℃ 1200 ℃ 1400 ℃ 1600 ℃ 1700 ℃ 1800 ℃


technical parameter


project Technical index
Power supply AC380V 50/60Hz
Furnace material Adopt imported vacuum adsorption molding high-purity alumina fiber to solidify the furnace, with good heat preservation performance
Furnace design The furnace body adopts a stepped assembly structure, and the furnace door and the furnace door frame are integrally designed to ensure that the furnace does not collapse. The close cooperation of the furnace door and the furnace door frame makes the heat energy not easy to lose and increases the service life of the furnace door.
Furnace structure Double shell water cooling structure circulation
Cooling part Furnace door . Furnace mouth . Furnace top
Furnace door structure Side door
Touch screen system The temperature control system adopts artificial intelligence adjustment technology, has PID adjustment, self-tuning functions, and can compile 30 sections of temperature rise and fall programs; the temperature control accuracy is ± 1 ℃
Vacuum Of -0.1 MPa , (can be customized 1 Pa , -1Pa , -0.01Pa , etc.) can be customized according to customer requirements
show The equipment is equipped with running and stopping indicator lights, which is convenient to see whether the furnace is running or stopped
Heating element Imported resistance wire / silicon carbide rod / silicon molybdenum rod / molybdenum wire / graphite (depending on temperature)
Temperature measuring element K -type thermocouple ( 0-1250 ℃) /S -type thermocouple ( 0-1600 ℃) /B -type thermocouple ( 0-1800 ℃) (depending on temperature)
Temperature control accuracy Instrument temperature control ± 1 ℃
Heating rate Recommended ≤ 10 deg.] C / min , *** , heating speed 30 deg.] C / min
Energy saving The effect is more than 80% of the old-fashioned electric stove
Gas detection device Can detect gases: oxygen, hydrogen, ammonia, odor, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, combustible gas… Exhaust oxygen content detection can be customized according to customer requirements
Double circuit protection Over temperature, over pressure, over current, broken couple, power failure, etc., and automatically complete the protection action
Standard configuration 1 host, 1 vacuum system, 1 crucible tongs, 1 pair of high temperature gloves, 1 copy of manual, certificate, and warranty card



Ordering instructions: furnace size: ( *** ) length ( *** ) width ( *** ) height mm , voltage selection ( 220V/380V ), temperature requirements ( **** ℃), vacuum requirements ( -0.1) MPa — 10-6Pa )

Furnace size: round shape can be customized


The furnace size can be customized according to customer requirements!


Furnace size mm Voltage v   Power kw   control precision
  200×150×150 220/380      4      ±1
  200×200×200 220/380      6      ±1
  300×200×200 220/380      8      ±1
  300×300×300 220/380      10      ±1
  400×300×300 220/380      12      ±1
  500×300×200 220/380      15      ±1
  500×300×300    380      18      ±1
  500×500×500    380      25      ±1
  800×500×500    380      40      ±1
  1200×500×500    380      85      ±1
  1200×800×800    380      110      ±1