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800kg modulation wave copper melting furnace

800kg modulation wave copper melting furnace

Modulated wave copper melting furnace is a kind of metal melting equipment developed by our company that is suitable for below 1000 ℃. Its functions have the following characteristics:

1. Energy-saving and money-saving: the average copper power consumption is 0.4-0.5 kWh/KG copper, which saves more than 30% compared with traditional stoves;

2. Efficient utilization: 600° rising temperature in 1 hour, super fast heating speed, long-lasting constant temperature;

3. Environmental protection and low carbon: in line with national energy saving and emission reduction policies, no dust, no oil fume, and no harmful gas emissions;

4. Safety and stability: Independent research and development of 32-bit CPU technology, with intelligent protection such as leakage, copper leakage, overflow, and power failure;

5. Less copper slag: modulation wave eddy current induction heating, no heating dead angle, high raw material utilization rate;

6. Life extension: the crucible is heated evenly, the temperature difference is small, and the life expectancy is extended by 50% on average;

7. Precise temperature control: the eddy current reacts instantly, the crucible heats itself, without the hysteresis of traditional heating;

1. Applicable industries:

Copper die-casting plant, copper ingot production plant, scrap copper melting industry, casting plant, automobile and motorcycle parts production, mobile phone shell, lamp, electric rice cooker heating plate manufacturer

2. Product introduction:

Modulated wave copper melting furnace is the best energy-saving modulated wave copper melting equipment to replace traditional resistance, coal-fired, oil-fired, and intermediate frequency furnaces; as the cost of materials rises, various industries are facing fierce market competition and rising electricity costs. It makes the metallurgical industry worse. The emergence of the modulated wave copper melting furnace has solved various problems in the metallurgical industry. It has the advantages of intelligence, safety, money saving, environmental protection and other national support, and is sought after by the metallurgical industry.

3. Product classification: 800kg modulation wave copper melting furnace

Model: SD-AI-800KG

Melting furnace lining: silicon carbide graphite crucible

Crucible material: copper alloy

Crucible capacity: 800KG

Rated power: 160KW

Melting electric power/ton: 350 kWh/ton

Heat preservation power consumption/hour: 3.5 kWh/hour

Melting speed kg/hour: 800KG/hour

4. Heating principle:

Modulated wave melting furnace uses the modulated wave induction heating controller to convert electrical energy into heat. First, the internal rectifier filter circuit converts the alternating current into direct current, and then the control circuit converts the direct current into high-frequency magnetic energy. The high-speed changing current passing through the coil will produce a high-speed changing magnetic field. When the magnetic field lines in the magnetic field pass through the crucible, numerous small eddy currents will be generated inside the crucible, so that the crucible itself will generate heat at high speed, transfer the heat to the copper alloy, and melt into a liquid state. .