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What is an induction heating furnace feeder and how is it classified?

What is an induction heating furnace feeder and how is it classified?

With the development of science and technology, a strong guarantee is provided for intelligent production, and the automation level of induction heating furnaces has also been greatly improved. Improving the working environment, reducing labor intensity, improving labor efficiency, and increasing the production efficiency of induction heating furnaces are the driving force for the intelligent promotion of induction heating furnaces. For the feeding and feeding of the induction heating furnace, the company has introduced different feeding devices to make the heating furnace realize a high degree of automation and achieve the goal of unattended operation. The following introduces the induction heating furnace feeder.

1. Continuous feeding device for induction heating furnace for round steel and billet

The continuous feeding device of induction heating furnace is generally used for rolling or quenching and tempering of round steel and billet after heating. The length of the bar is between 6m and 12m. The nip roller, the middle nip roller, the discharge nip roller, the frequency conversion device and the console, etc., can ensure that the long bar material enters the induction heating furnace continuously at the speed required by the process for heating, ensuring the heating temperature and temperature uniformity, and meeting induction heating Furnace production requirements.

2. Automatic feeding and feeding device for bar induction heating furnace

This induction heating furnace ‍ induction ‍ feeding and feeding device is generally designed and manufactured for short bar material feeding and feeding. The length of the bar is less than 500mm. It is composed of a washing plate feeder, a feeding roller, a chain feeder, and a cylinder mechanism. , PLC control mechanism and hydraulic or pneumatic system, etc., are automatically fed into the inductor for heating according to the heating cycle of the induction heating furnace. It is also the mainstream feeding and feeding equipment for short rods.

3. Induction heating furnace for large diameter bars‍ feeding and feeding device

Bars with a diameter of more than 100mm and a length of more than 250mm generally use this induction heating furnace feeding method. The bar material enters the chain feeder from the ground and is raised to the height of the center of the sensor, and then the bar material is turned into the V-shaped groove by the turning mechanism, and the hydraulic system pushes the oil cylinder to push the bar material into the sensor according to the beat of the induction heating furnace. Heating to realize automatic heating of induction heating furnace.

4. Induction heating furnace for flat materials ‍‍ Feeding and feeding device

This induction heating furnace feeding and feeding device is aimed at the feeding device whose diameter of the bar is smaller than the length of the bar. The inductor adopts an inclined fixing method. It is composed of a material pushing mechanism and a pneumatic system to ensure that the flat material enters the inductor at a certain angle and is heated to meet the heating requirements of the induction heating furnace.

5. Induction heating furnace ‍Simple feeding device

This induction heating furnace is a simple feeding device that adopts manual material swing and cylinder push material, and is composed of material swing platform, material turning mechanism, v-shaped groove, beat controller and cylinder pushing system. The beat controller controls the movement of the cylinder according to the set heating beat to complete the heating process required by the induction heating furnace.