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Atmosphere protection program-controlled box-type electric furnace SDXL-1616 detailed introduction

Atmosphere protection program-controlled box-type electric furnace SDXL-1616 detailed introduction

SDXL-1616 atmosphere protection program-controlled box-type electric furnace performance characteristics::

■It can be passed into the degrading gas so that the high temperature heating workpiece will not produce oxidative decarburization

■High-aluminum inner tank, silicon-molybdenum rod heats up, the outer shell is made of high-quality thin steel plate, and the surface is sprayed with plastic

■The instrument has high accuracy, the display accuracy is 1 degree, and the accuracy is up to plus or minus 2 degrees under the constant temperature state.

■The control system adopts LTDE technology, with 30-band programmable function, two-level over-temperature protection

The SDXL-1616 atmosphere protection program-controlled box electric furnace model is in accordance with the national machinery industry JB4311.7-91 standard. The electric furnace has a LTDE programmable control system. The electric furnace shell is made of high-quality cold plate and steel. The production process has air inlet and outlet devices, which can pass in the degrading gas so that the high-temperature heating workpiece will not produce oxidative decarburization. This electric furnace is suitable for other high-temperature annealing, tempering and other heat treatment processes that require various gas protection. Forty-segment microcomputer control with program, with powerful programming function, can control heating rate, heating, constant temperature, multi-band curve arbitrarily set, optional software can be connected to a computer, monitor, and record temperature data, making the reproducibility of the test possible. The instrument is equipped with electric shock, leakage protection system and secondary over-temperature automatic protection function to ensure the safety of the user and the instrument. This furnace is suitable for low-purity atmosphere protection experiments. If high-purity atmosphere protection is required, please choose our company’s vacuum atmosphere according to your needs. Chamber furnace and vacuum chamber furnace

SDXL-1616 atmosphere protection program-controlled box-type electric furnace details:

Furnace structure and materials

Furnace shell material: The outer box shell is made of high-quality cold plate, treated with phosphoric acid film salt, and sprayed at high temperature, and the color is blue-gray;

Furnace material: It is made of six-sided high-radiation, low-heat storage and ultra-light fiber stove board, which is resistant to rapid cold and heat, and is energy-saving and efficient;

Insulation method: the inner layer of fiber cotton blanket keeps warm, the outer layer of air dissipates heat;

Temperature measurement port: the thermocouple enters from the upper back of the furnace body;

Wiring post: the heating element wiring post is located at the lower back of the furnace body;

Controller: located under the furnace body, built-in control system, compensation wire connected to the furnace body

Heating element: silicon molybdenum rod;

Whole machine weight: about 180KG

Standard packaging: wooden box

Product Specifications

Temperature range: 500 ~ 1600℃;

Fluctuation degree: ±3℃;

Display accuracy: 1℃;

Furnace size: 200×150×150 MM

Approximate size: 570*480*960 MM (packing size is about 650*530*1150MM)

Heating rate: ≤15°C/min; (can be arbitrarily adjusted to any speed lower than 15 degrees per minute)

Power of the whole machine: 5KW;

Power source: 220V, 50Hz

Temperature control system

Temperature measurement: S index platinum rhodium-platinum thermocouple;

Control system: fully automatic programmable instrument, PID adjustment, display accuracy 1℃

Complete set of electrical appliances: use brand contactors, cooling fans, thyristors;

Time system: heating time can be set, constant temperature time control, automatic shutdown when constant temperature time is reached;

Program band: programmable 40 segments;

Operation mode: adjustable constant temperature for full range, constant operation; program operation.

Equipped with technical information and accessories

Operating Instructions

warranty card

Double-headed air inlet valve, single-headed air outlet valve

Main components

LTDE programmable control instrument

solid state relay

Intermediate relay


Cooling motor

Silicon molybdenum rod