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Teach you several effective methods to control energy consumption

Teach you several effective methods to control energy consumption

First, provide a good electricity environment

To reduce the energy consumption of industrial chillers, it is first necessary to provide a good electricity environment for industrial chillers. For example, the voltage of the electrical environment is relatively low. In order to maintain stable operating efficiency, industrial chiller equipment will inevitably increase the consumption of electrical energy. The excessively high voltage will inevitably lead to problems such as operating failures of industrial chillers. The ability to provide safe voltage usage conditions for industrial chillers is the basic condition for reducing the energy consumption of industrial chillers, and a suitable voltage environment can effectively reduce the energy consumption of industrial chillers.

Second, make a specific plan for equipment operation

If you want to control the efficiency of industrial chillers and maintain the safety and stability of the system, you need to develop a specific use plan. No matter any equipment without a specific plan, the system will be in a state of overload, which will seriously affect the industrial chiller. the quality of.

Third, perform regular repairs

Regular maintenance and repair of industrial water chillers can maintain the stability of industrial water chillers. If any equipment lacks maintenance and repair, it will reduce a certain degree of efficiency. Of course, this maintenance is purposeful maintenance, for example, you can start from the system. As long as the maintenance work is done well, the equipment can be used better and the efficiency will be greatly improved.

Fourth, pay attention to the surrounding operating environment

Since the environment has a relatively large impact on industrial chillers, while ensuring the quality, we must also pay attention to the environmental impact of industrial chillers, and they must not have an impact on the environment when they are used.

Fifth, condensation temperature

Under the premise of satisfying the use, the condensing temperature must be lowered, because at the beginning of use, there will be a certain margin in the cooling tower, so it is necessary to increase the original cooling tower water to make the cooling water more effective.

Sixth, configure adjustable coil

When an industrial chiller is running, if it runs for a long time, it consumes a lot of energy. Adjusting coils can be installed for industrial chillers to adjust the appropriate operating power according to the ambient temperature. For example, to keep the industrial chiller within 70% of the operating power range for cooling work, at least 15% of energy can be saved.