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The cooling effect of the chiller is better So what are the components of the chiller?

The cooling effect of the chiller is better So what are the components of the chiller?

1. Compressor

Compressor, as the most important and core component, any chiller needs it. Therefore, the chiller also needs a compressor. Depending on the type of water-cooled refrigerator, the compressor used is also different. Compressors can be classified according to high temperature, medium temperature, and low temperature, and can be divided into screw type, piston type, etc. from the structure.

2. Condenser and evaporator

As the two components responsible for the condensation and evaporation processes, they have the same function. The purpose of condensation is to let other refrigerants dissipate heat and become liquid refrigerants, while the purpose of evaporation is to absorb heat from liquid refrigerants at low temperature and low pressure. Therefore, only in this way can cold energy be produced, or chilled water can be cooled, and this is the final refrigeration.

3. Throttle and pressure reducing device

As the most common throttling and pressure reducing device, the thermal expansion valve is currently the most common throttling and pressure reducing device in industrial water-cooled refrigerators.

4. Water cooling system

The water cooling system is not the usual cold water tower. After all, there is still a difference between a water cooling tower and a water cooling system. The water-cooling system includes the water-cooling tower and all other components that maintain the normal operation of the water-cooling function, including the water pipes and pumps for cooling circulating water, and the cold water tower can only be specifically referred to as the cold water tower.

5. Electronic control system

The electronic control system can be controlled and operated normally. The system will also include protection devices for the compressor and the entire system, including temperature and pressure protection devices, and other important compressor devices.