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Special heating furnace for making boron nitride

Special heating furnace for making boron nitride

1. Technical standards and parameters

1. Standards: equipment manufacturing is carried out in strict accordance with national standards and specifications

GB5959.3-88 “Safety of Electric Heating Equipment—Special Requirements for Induction and Conductive Heating Equipment and Induction Equipment”

GB10066.3-88 “Basic Technical Conditions of Electric Heating Equipment-Induction Electric Heating Equipment”

GB10063.3-88 “Test Method for Electric Heating Equipment-Coreless Induction Furnace”

GB4086-85 “Technical Conditions of Electric Control Equipment for Intermediate Frequency Coreless Induction Heating”

JB/T4280-93 “Intermediate Frequency Coreless Induction Furnace”

JB/T8669-1997 “Semiconductor frequency conversion device for intermediate frequency induction heating”

GB/T14549-93 “Power Quality-Harmonics in Public Grid”

GB/T3924-1999 “Transformer for Intermediate Frequency Heating Device”

GB/DG2294-88 “Technical Conditions for Intermediate Frequency Voltage Transformers”

GB/DG2294-88 “Technical Conditions for Intermediate Frequency Current Transformers”

JB/T10358-2002 “Water cooling cable for industrial electric heating equipment”

2. Technical parameters

IF power supply Working form: Inverter parallel SCR 6-pulse power supply
Rectification form: 3-phase 6-pulse
Output power: 100KW
Power efficiency ≥98%
Start mode: buffer variable frequency start
Start-up rate: 100% (including heavy load)
Rated frequency: 500HZ-1000HZ
AC voltage: 400v
DC voltage: 500V
Intermediate frequency voltage: 750v
Maximum DC current: 200A
AC current: 160A
Input frequency: 50Hz
Dimensions: 1300mm×800mm×2000mm (length×width×height)
Weight: about 1000KG
sensor Minimum power factor: 0.90. There is no power factor meter on the detection standard IF cabinet, and the DC voltage reaches the maximum 500v power factor that is above 0.9. Because the intermediate frequency power supply purchased by Party A is regulated by voltage and power, power reduction is accomplished by reducing the DC voltage. Reduce the power, the power factor should also be reduced.
Working method: one electric and two furnaces
Working temperature: 2300℃, quick connector for water inlet and outlet
Induction coil specification: outer diameter 980mm height: 1020mm, copper tube: loose guide reasonable calculation of design coil number and specifications
Weight: about 200KG induction coil base welded with 120mm channel steel, convenient for forklift use




Base channel steel outline drawing