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Trapezoidal aluminum ingot online temperature raising equipment

Trapezoidal aluminum ingot online temperature raising equipment

The trapezoidal aluminum ingot online temperature raising equipment is a mechatronics structure. The complete set of equipment includes a KGPS300kw/0.2KHZ intermediate frequency power supply, a copy induction heater, a reactive power compensation capacitor bank, and a temperature online closed-loop control system. A set of sliding guide rails for horizontal movement of the equipment.

This set of equipment is used to raise the temperature of trapezoidal aluminum ingots. The rated power of the equipment is 300kw, the rated frequency is 200HZ, and the online temperature is 60-150℃. The output of 2350 square mm aluminum ingots per hour is more than 4T. Because the equipment automatically adjusts the output power, The power consumption per ton of equipment is controlled within 60 kWh; the external dimensions of the equipment are 2400×1000×1300mm, the total weight is about 2.5T, and the cooling water demand is about 15 t/h. The bottom of the equipment is designed with a linear guide rail, which can move 1.1 meters horizontally to facilitate the removal of the equipment when the frequency multiplier is not needed for heating.

The equipment adopts a temperature closed-loop control method. The equipment can be started after the aluminum ingot enters the furnace. The user only needs to set the temperature of the aluminum ingot, and the output power of the equipment is automatically adjusted according to the initial temperature of the aluminum ingot and the set final temperature, which completely subverts similar equipment The disadvantage of adjusting power cannot adjust temperature. When the equipment is running, there is no need to be on duty at all. Even if the aluminum ingot is suddenly stopped in the furnace, the power of the equipment will automatically be adjusted to the heat preservation state, and the aluminum ingot will not exceed the specified temperature.