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Will the chiller water pump overheat also cause serious consequences?

Will the chiller water pump overheat also cause serious consequences?

of course.

First of all, the cooling water pump of the water-cooled chiller is overheated, which will cause the water supply to be abnormal.

This is natural. Since the cooling circulating water pump works normally, it determines whether the water supply, water pressure, head, etc. are normal. Once the cooling water pump of the chiller is overheated, its working efficiency will of course be affected. The most direct impact is the water-cooled chiller. The head of the cooling water pump and the water supply volume and flow rate of the cooling water pump are reduced!

Secondly, it will cause problems such as failure to operate normally and fail to start.

Due to overheating, the water pump may stop running, or it may not start normally when it is turned on again.

Of course, overheating of the water pump is a common problem. In the normal operation of the water-cooled chiller, it is normal for the water pump to generate heat, but overheating is a problem that needs to be solved.

The main cause of overheating is firstly the excessive load, which is inevitable, and the second is the damage of the components, the axis change caused by the shaft center or the bearing bracket damage caused by the excessive wear, including the bearing damage, etc., will cause the pump to be under normal load. Under the circumstance of running for a period of time, the problem of overheating occurs.

In addition, poor lubrication is of course the most important cause and factor leading to overheating of the circulating water pump. Poor lubrication is mainly caused by unfavorable maintenance. It is recommended that the maintenance personnel of the water-cooled chiller not only pay attention to the compressor, condenser, and evaporator. Maintenance, should also pay attention to the maintenance of the cooling water pump!

Finally, the blockage of the circulating water pipe of the chiller will also increase the load of the pump, which will cause the pump to overheat and even be damaged. This requires special attention from the chiller maintenance personnel.