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Calculation formula for induction heating furnace

Calculation formula for induction heating furnace

The formula for calculating the inductance of the air-core coil: I=(0.01*D*N*N)/(I/D+0.44)


(1) Coil inductance I, unit: microhenry;

(2) Coil diameter D, unit: cm;

(3) Number of coil turns N, unit: turns;

(4) Coil length I, unit: cm;

According to the formula, the inductance I is proportional to the number of turns N of the coil.

The inductance I represents the inherent characteristics of the coil itself and has nothing to do with the magnitude of the current. Except for special inductance coils (color code inductance), the inductance is generally not specifically marked on the coil, but marked with a specific name. The size of the inductor inductance mainly depends on the number of turns (number of turns) of the coil, the winding method, the presence or absence of the magnetic core and the material of the magnetic core, and so on.

Generally, the more coil turns and the denser the coils, the greater the inductance. A coil with a magnetic core has a greater inductance than a coil without a magnetic core; the greater the permeability of the magnetic core, the greater the inductance.

The basic unit of inductance is Henry (Henry for short), represented by the letter “H”. Commonly used units are millihenry (mH) and microhenry (μH). The relationship between them is: 1H=1000mH; 1mH=1000μH.