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China Silicon Mo Red Brick.

China Silicon Mo Red Brick.

1. High load softness and excellent high temperature resistance (the actual test value of the load softening temperature is stable above 1680℃, which has been greatly improved on the basis of silica-molecular bricks, and has been comparable to magnesia-aluminum spinel bricks.)

2. High strength, abrasion resistance, not easy to spall and corrode (the actual test value of its strength is stable above 160MPa, which is more than 3 times the strength of spinel bricks. The strength is increased, and it is not easy to be damaged during handling and can be fully improved. Its wear resistance, so it is very suitable for use at 2-3 meters from the kiln mouth).

3. Low thermal conductivity and good thermal insulation effect (the performance and use of magnesia-aluminum spinel bricks, the thermal conductivity of silicon-moulded bricks is too large, resulting in a high temperature in simplified form; silicon-moulded bricks are still high-alumina-silicon carbide bricks. The characteristics of the product and the material itself determine its lower thermal conductivity. In the same period, the temperature can be reduced by more than 50℃)

4. Strong flexibility and excellent thermal shock resistance (its good thermal shock stability can fully adapt to the environmental requirements of frequent fluctuations in the temperature of the transition zone)

5. The density is moderate to reduce the simplified load (the volume density of the silicon-moulded red brick is more than 8% lower than that of the magnesia-aluminum spinel brick, which leads to a reduction of 8% or more of the simplified load of the silicon-moulded brick for the unit length of the same kiln type)

6. The price of silicon red brick is also favorable to that of magnesia-aluminum spinel bricks, so it is indeed economical and applicable to choose silicon red for the transition zone of the rotary kiln.