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Daily maintenance method of high frequency hardening machine

Daily maintenance method of high frequency hardening machine

High-frequency hardening machine is a new type of heating equipment with a high unit power per square meter, which can effectively increase the depth of the hot layer and short-term heat penetration in the blank. When the high-frequency hardening machine is in use, it should be used regularly. Maintain it.

1. Regular inspection device: Regularly check the contact between the screws and fasteners of each part of the high-frequency hardening machine. If loosening is found, it should be modified and replaced in time to avoid serious consequences.

2. Regularly check whether the wiring is in good condition: carefully check the contact condition of the induction coil of the high-frequency hardening machine. If there is oxide skin, it should be cleaned in time, and the cracks should be replaced in time. If problems are found, the high-frequency hardening machine should be repaired in time.

3. Clean the dirt on the power cabinet: after a period of use, dust will adhere to the surface of the element, so it must be cleaned in time to prevent the failure of the high-frequency quenching machine.

4. Regularly check the water pipe head: Due to the different water quality used in various regions, check whether the internal equipment of the high-frequency quenching machine pipe head is dirty. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it will affect the cooling effect and also affect the service time of the water pipe. The phenomenon of aging will occur.