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Heat treatment process of induction heating furnace

Heat treatment process of induction heating furnace

The process method must be optimized and the equipment performance must be mastered.

When selecting the parameters of each section correctly, priority should be given to high efficiency and reliability. Heating insulation and cooling, the circulation is not sloppy. The composition of the steel has changed, and the phase transformation should be considered. Using calculated modulation parameters, the process is reliable and more suitable.

It is more scientific to distinguish between steel and steel. The heating temperature is very important, and the insulation time should be sufficient. [–] High alloy steel should be divided into sections, and slow heating is guaranteed. Overheating and overheating are disadvantageous, only more weighing is required.

Insulation time should be considered, heating conditions and conditions. The number of parts and wall thickness, select calculation to grasp the focus. Various methods can be selected for oxidative decarburization control. Creating anaerobic is the key, the best option is vacuum.

The parts are slender and vertical with many thin walls to prevent deformation. Attention should be paid to the sudden change of cross-section, heating and cooling protection.

Cooling is greater than the critical value, and obtaining martensite is fundamental. The cooling control should be proper, proper cold and anti-cracking. To

Ensure the hardness of the foundation and immediately temper to eliminate stress. The temperature is adjusted to the hardness, and the steel varies in different tempering. To

More tempering cannot be less, and the dimensional protection performance is stable. The brittleness of steel requires rapid cooling to ensure memory performance.

The hardness performance has a foundation, and the quantitative relationship can be converted. Master the process of science and practice more down-to-earth. Accumulated experience is more summarized, practical, fast and reliable.