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Billet continuous rolling heating equipment


我们制作的钢坯热轧加热设备节能10% -30%,更可靠。到目前为止,得到了台湾和越南客户的良好反馈。












4、钢坯连轧 钢坯连轧加热炉配有一键还原的功能,生产效率高。


Billet continuous rolling heating equipment

The billet hot-rolling heating equipment we made can save energy by 10% -30% and is more reliable. So far, we have received good feedback from customers in Taiwan and Vietnam.

The billet continuous rolling heating equipment adopts series resonance control power supply. Its characteristics:

1. The slab continuous rolling heating equipment is designed with parallel resonance, phase shifting and power adjustment, and the equipment is mature and stable; it has more advantages in the high power range above 3000KW.

2. DSP control, fast capture phase lock start, meet frequent start and stop, high success rate.

3. Frequency conversion and load adaptation, frequency adaptation range 200-10000Hz, automatic matching for induction furnace replacement, no manual adjustment is required.

4. T2 red copper copper bars are used in the cabinet, which are sandblasted and passivated; low leakage inductance, anti-oxidation, and effectively reduce line loss.

5. Full touch-screen control of the steel rolling and billet heating furnace, pure digital tuning, complete process records and strict level permissions. The main parameters can be restored to factory settings with one key.

6. The power of a single power supply is 50-6000KW, and the frequency is 200-10000Hz.

Features of billet continuous rolling heating equipment:

1. Fast heating speed, less oxidation and decarburization.

2. The input and output rollers are made of 304 stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant and has a long service life.

3. The steel billet continuous rolling production line adopts the PLC control program combined with the man-machine interface, and the fully digital high-depth adjustable parameters.

4. Billet continuous rolling The billet continuous rolling heating furnace is equipped with a one-key reduction function, and the production efficiency is high.

5. Closed-loop temperature control by the two-color American Leitai thermometer, real-time display of the current billet temperature, heating more evenly.