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What are the characteristics of high frequency welding machine

What are the characteristics of high frequency welding machine

Profiles and plates are more commonly used in steel structures, while H-beams are more commonly used profiles. The commonly used I-beam and channel steel in the past were gradually replaced by H-beam because their section parameters were unreasonable in some occasions. In this context, high-frequency welding machines are more and more widely used. So, what are the characteristics of the high frequency welding machine?

1. Economical and reasonable cross-section

The H-section steel welded by the high-frequency welding machine has excellent section properties. Compared with the hot-rolled H-section steel, under the same unit weight condition, its section coefficient and bending resistance are higher than that of the hot-rolled H-section steel. In steel structure engineering, the amount of steel used in the same component, hot-rolled H-section steel is greater than that of high-frequency welded H-section steel. In steel-structured villas, low-rise and low-rise residential buildings, if used reasonably, its advantages can be fully utilized to achieve the purpose of saving steel and reducing cost. The high-efficiency high-frequency welding machine has a very reasonable cross-section economy.

2. Diversified production varieties

The high-frequency welding machine melts the metals of the same composition together, and has relatively loose requirements for the composition of the base material. It can not only weld normal carbon steel, but also weld alloy steel, stainless steel, Al, Cu, Ni, Ti and other alloys. Because the H-beam produced by the high-frequency welding machine is less restricted by equipment and has more product specifications. Therefore, high-frequency welding machines are popular.

3. High speed and low consumption

The H-shaped steel welded by the high-frequency welding machine makes full use of the skin effect and proximity effect of the high-frequency current, so that the high-frequency current can be highly concentrated in the narrow welding area, and the base metal can be removed from the base material in a short time and with less consumption. Heating at room temperature to welding temperature. High-frequency welding H-shaped steel does not require welding wire, flux, and surface cleaning, so the processing cost is much lower than that of submerged arc welding H-shaped steel.

The H-shaped steel welded by the high-frequency welding machine belongs to contact welding. The high-frequency welding H-shaped steel has the advantages of economical and reasonable cross-section, high dimensional accuracy, complete variety and specifications, high speed, and low consumption. With the continuous improvement of production technology, product quality has been achieved. Great improvement, and the application field is gradually expanding. The production line is more suitable for investment and construction of small and medium-sized enterprises.