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Common problems of compressors in refrigerators

Common problems of compressors in refrigerators

The pressure of the compressor is too high, which will increase the load and increase the power consumption, but the efficiency will decrease. The problem of too high temperature is the same. It can be seen that the pressure and temperature of the compressor are abnormal, especially the exhaust temperature is high. , High discharge pressure will have a very big impact on the compressor, and will also have a serious impact on the entire refrigeration cycle.

In fact, the compressor has related protection devices, which will not be damaged due to high discharge pressure and high discharge temperature. Pressure protection or temperature protection is often activated at this time, which causes the compressor to stop running. Damage to the compressor itself, but even so, it is still necessary to pay attention and understand, and promptly eliminate the problem of high discharge pressure and high discharge temperature of the compressor, so as to avoid turning a blind eye to such problems.

Compressors also have problems with oil temperature, lack of refrigerated lubricating oil, excessive noise and vibration, and various other problems.

These problems are not too common compared to pressure and temperature problems, but they are not impossible to occur.

Regarding the causes of the above problems, there are also various reasons. For example, the high oil temperature may be caused by the high load of the compressor, or it may be caused by the incorrect amount of refrigerant, or it may be caused by the liquid in the gaseous refrigerant.

In addition, the decrease in the effect of the condenser of the compressor is also the culprit that causes various problems. Therefore, if you find that the compressor of the freezer is defective, you can first check the condenser and even the evaporator to ensure the normal operation and use of these components. And after carrying out scientific and reasonable regular maintenance, we will talk about the related problems of the compressor and refrigerator. This is the best way.