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Continuous casting billet hot rolling heating furnace

Continuous casting billet hot rolling heating furnace

Main technical parameters of continuous casting billet hot rolling heating furnace:

1. Power supply system: dual rectifier twelve-pulse or twenty-four-pulse 1000KW~12000KW/500HZ~1200Hz single power supply can be used independently or multiple power supplies can be used in parallel.

2. Production efficiency: 40 tons-300 tons per hour, (designed and produced according to your needs)

3. Scope of application: 50mm-160mm square billet, length 2000mm-12000mm

4. Feeding system: each axis is driven by an independent motor reducer, multi-axis drive is set, and a single inverter is controlled to synchronize the multi-axis operation.

5. Guiding system: 304 non-magnetic stainless steel guide wheel is used, and the guide wheel has moderate elasticity in the axial direction to adapt to the bending within the allowable range of the billet.

6. Temperature closed loop system: The heating temperature of the billet is controlled by the American Raytech infrared thermometer, and the heating uniformity is displayed in real time.

7. Energy conversion: According to the surface temperature of the billet, the electricity consumption per ton of steel is 20-60 degrees.

8. Man-machine interface PLC fully automatic intelligent operating system, “one-key start” production is worry-free.

9. All-digital, high-depth adjustable parameters, allowing you to control Yuantuo induction heating equipment handily.