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Quenching and tempering process of tooth bars by high-frequency heating equipment

Quenching and tempering process of tooth bars by high-frequency heating equipment

Non-standard customized high-strength screw thread quenching and tempering equipment, high-strength threaded on-line heat treatment production line is mainly used for high-strength threaded rods, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9, B7, B7L, L7M and other workpieces online quenching and tempering, according to the workpiece Size, size and output requirements, configure the corresponding IGBT high frequency induction heating power supply, use: quenching and tempering (tempering), blackening, heat treatment and other process requirements. The diameter range of the threaded rods that can be processed is generally 18-50mm, but there are also special workpieces that are larger than this specification, which requires targeted personalized customization equipment. Threaded rods (commonly known as threaded rods), also called lead screws, are divided into: national standard threaded rods, market national standard threaded rods, and market standard threaded rods according to the coarse thread diameter.

Screw threaded rod quenching and tempering equipment and high-strength threaded rod heat treatment production line are used in the heat treatment of American-style threaded rods, English-style threaded rods, stainless steel threaded rods, copper threaded rods and other materials. On-line quenching treatment of tooth bars (applied to American tooth bars/British tooth bars/stainless steel tooth bars/copper tooth bars) Features:

1. The long workpiece is not deformed or bent, and the production process is stable;

2. Integrated design and manufacturing, automatic loading and unloading, online blackening, online detection;

3. Easy temperature control, using infrared thermometer (customer’s choice);

4. The diameter and length of the quenching threaded rod are adjustable,