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Spring heating furnace

Spring heating furnace

A. Requirements for spring heating furnace:

1. Heating material of spring heating furnace: spring steel, 60Si2Mn, 60Si2GrVa, etc.

2. Heating rod specifications: diameter Φ10-Φ40mm, length 4–6m

3. Heating temperature: 950-1050℃

4. Heating efficiency: Φ30×6m heating to 1050℃, heating time less than 60s

5. The heating configuration power of the grinding tip: 100Kw

B. Composition of spring heating furnace:

The spring heating furnace consists of a storage automatic turning feeder, a furnace conveyor, a heating sensor group, a uniform temperature sensor group, a heat preservation resistance furnace, a fast discharge machine, an intermediate frequency power supply, an intermediate frequency compensation capacitor cabinet, a control panel, and a tester. Temperature system, HSBL type cooling tower, etc. The conveying roller table adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, and the speed is steplessly adjustable, which can adapt to various feeding speeds of different specifications of blanks.

C. Introduction of spring heating furnace process:

The spring heating furnace is used to heat the spring blank (bar stock) before coiling the spring, and the heating method is medium frequency induction heating. The spring heating furnace adopts segmented through heating, that is, the billet is fed at one end of the billet, and after the temperature rise, the uniform temperature sensor, and the holding resistance furnace, it reaches the set temperature and holding time, and then is sent to the spring winding machine through the rapid discharge mechanism Perform winding. The applicable spring blank diameter range is Φ10-Φ40, and the length range is 4-6 meters.