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The hazards and treatment methods of frosting in industrial chillers

The hazards and treatment methods of frosting in industrial chillers

When using the chiller, because different types of air-cooled chillers will have frosting failure types, it is necessary to select the appropriate product type according to the size of the company’s specific use of space before using the equipment. Being able to determine in time whether the equipment can meet the demand for space use can extend the service life of the chiller, avoiding the shortening of the service life of the chiller due to low failure rates and other reasons, and even causing some companies to fail to use the chiller normally.

More than 90% of chillers will have frost failure


Due to the influence of factors such as equipment and use environment, any chiller will have frost failure during use. If the frosting of the chiller is serious, you need to check carefully before running the chiller, and you can find and deal with the frosting faults of various chillers in time to maintain the long-term stable operation of the equipment. When the operating stability of the equipment continues to increase, the probability of frosting failure of the chiller continues to decrease.

Methods and skills to deal with frost failure

If the chiller has a frost failure, in order to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment, it is necessary to use professional methods to complete the troubleshooting process in time. If it is impossible to prevent the equipment from continuing to produce frosting faults by stopping the machine, there must be a fault in the parts of the equipment, which needs to be dealt with in time. If the best timing is wrong, the safety of the chiller will inevitably be affected, and even the energy consumed by the equipment will continue to increase, which is not conducive to the long-term use of the chiller.

Frosting is a big hazard and needs to be dealt with in time

In the event of frosting failure, in order to avoid affecting the operation stability of the equipment, it is necessary to adjust the operation time of the equipment in time, and make a use plan suitable for the enterprise when using the chiller. It can avoid equipment overload operation, which can reduce equipment frosting failures, thereby prolonging the service life of equipment and reducing the cost of using chillers for enterprises.