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The reasons for the high-pressure failure of the chiller are as follows

The reasons for the high-pressure failure of the chiller are as follows:

(1) The cooling water temperature is too high and the condensation effect is poor. The rated working condition of the cooling water required by the chiller is 30~35℃. High water temperature and poor heat dissipation will inevitably lead to high condensing pressure. This phenomenon often occurs in high temperature seasons. The reason for the high water temperature of the chiller may be: cooling tower failure, such as the fan is not turned on or even reversed, the water distributor does not turn, it is manifested as the cooling water temperature is very high, and the chiller rises rapidly; the outside air temperature is high, the water path is short, The amount of water that can be circulated by the chiller is small. In this case, the temperature of the cooling water is generally maintained at a relatively high level. The chiller can be solved by increasing the storage tank.

(2) The cooling water flow is insufficient and cannot reach the rated water flow. The main performance of the chiller is that the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet water of the unit becomes smaller (compared with the pressure difference at the beginning of the system is put into operation), and the temperature difference becomes larger. The reason for the insufficient water flow is the lack of water in the system or the presence of air. The solution is to install an exhaust valve at the height of the pipeline to exhaust; the pipeline filter is blocked or the selection is too fine, and the water permeability is limited. The water chiller should select a suitable filter And clean the filter regularly; the water pump is small and does not match the system