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How does a refractory factory choose refractory brick forming equipment?

How does a refractory factory choose refractory brick forming equipment?

When a refractory material plant builds a new shaped refractory product production plant, a brick press must be purchased. If this kind of enterprise is a small and medium-sized production plant, it can choose a friction brick press with suitable tonnage according to the products it may produce at present and in the future. Because of the low price and simple operation and maintenance of the friction brick press, it is more suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises.


Some enterprises that expand or carry out technological transformation also need to add brick presses as needed. For large and medium-sized refractory material manufacturers, if they need to produce high-end products or high-performance products, suitable molding equipment can be selected according to the specific products. For the production of special products such as functional refractories, an isostatic pressing device can be purchased; for the production of high-end furnace lining bricks, a more advanced hydraulic brick press or a brick press with vacuum function can be selected, or a large-tonnage brick press can be selected. Friction brick press.

The situation of updating the old machine is relatively simple. You can choose the more advanced brick press or other molding equipment according to the original model and some advances.

The purchase of molding equipment is the same as the purchase of other equipment. It must be decided by comprehensive consideration of many factors, which is by no means summed up by the above situations. For small and medium-sized enterprises, they can refer to the molding equipment of other production plants for selection, and they can also consult the technical experts of refractory network on related issues to make full and reasonable use of limited funds. In addition, the technical parameters of the purchased molding equipment should be surplus, and there should be a certain sense of advancement to meet the needs of continuous development of technology and production.

Attachment: Features of hydraulic brick press

A brick press that drives the punch to move up and down by the pressure of the liquid in the hydraulic cylinder is called a hydraulic brick press. According to the different liquids used, it can be divided into two categories: hydraulic press and hydraulic press.

The hydraulic press is characterized by a higher forming pressure than a friction brick press. The static pressure during pressurization is beneficial to the discharge of gas and the uniform density of the green body, and the hydraulic press is easier to automate than the friction brick press. However, the structure of the hydraulic press is complex, the manufacturing technology requirements are high, and the daily maintenance is more difficult.

Hydraulic brick presses are generally used for the molding of products that require high indicators such as density and strength.

The technology of foreign hydraulic presses is relatively mature, while domestic applications are still rare. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the hydraulic press to adapt to the specific conditions of poor operation and maintenance technology of most refractory plants in our country, and poor reliability of the automatic control system.