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Several methods to achieve clean water chiller system

Several methods to achieve clean water chiller system

The first one: replace the drying filter device regularly.

The filter drier is an important device in filtering the impurities of the refrigerant, drying the refrigerant, and removing the moisture of the refrigerant. Generally speaking, it is called the filter drier. If the filter drier is replaced irregularly, it will definitely cause the refrigerant moisture in the refrigerator system to be high. , The impurity is high, so the refrigerator system cannot be as clean as new.

In fact, the refrigerating machine system needs not only clean, but also dry, so that the refrigerant can operate normally in the refrigerating system.

The second one: clean the condenser.

Cleaning the condenser is a common topic, but it is also the most important point to ensure the normal operation of the freezer and the cleanliness of the freezer.

Third: Clean the evaporator.

Like cleaning the condenser, cleaning the evaporator is also a must.

Fourth: Derusting of pipes and components.

To ensure that the refrigerator system is clean, the rust removal of pipes and components must be done frequently.

Fifth: Blowing pollution of pipes and components.

Blowing dirt is also an important task to ensure the normal operation of pipes and components and the cleanliness of the refrigerator.

Sixth: Replace the chilled water regularly.

Although the chilled water operates in a closed manner, in order to ensure the cleanliness of the chiller system, the chilled water should be replaced regularly.