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What are the advantages of automatic quenching equipment

What are the advantages of automatic quenching equipment

In recent years, with the development and advancement of technology, more and more manufacturers have upgraded their equipment to automated unmanned control equipment. This kind of equipment can reduce the change cost and personnel expenses of the enterprise, so it is enthusiastically sought after by people. Quenching equipment is no exception. The market demand for automatic quenching equipment is also increasing, and it is sought after by people. Automatic hardening equipment refers to induction electric heating equipment for surface hardening of mechanical parts. So, what advantages can automatic quenching equipment bring?

1. Long-term operating costs are low

The general charges for automatic quenching equipment basically vary with specifications and models, technical costs, raw material prices, and market environments. It is a long-term investment that can support operations for a long time. Moreover, because the quenching equipment is automated, it saves a lot of personnel training costs and the number of employees required, and further reduces variable costs. At the same time, in the practice of carburizing and quenching, the carburized layer is often worn off in the subsequent grinding process. The reason is that the carburized layer is relatively shallow and partly worn after the heat treatment is deformed. Compared with chemical heat treatment such as carburizing, induction quenching has a deeper hardened layer, which brings greater flexibility to subsequent processing, and also reduces the requirements for the pre-heat treatment process. Therefore, the automatic quenching equipment is of high quality and low processing cost, and the rejection rate Low.

2. The parts made are of good quality

The characteristic of the automatic hardening equipment is that it can use the skin effect of the alternating current to heat the surface layer of the steel parts by the induction heating method and then cool and quench, so that the surface of the parts can have high hardness and fatigue resistance, and the center Still maintain the original toughness. Therefore, the parts made are of good quality.

Although there are so many advantages of automatic quenching equipment, unmanned operation can be realized after starting up, but starting and shutting down still need to be operated by personnel, and when the equipment is working, the operator is also required to pay attention to it. Deviations should be adjusted in time. However, the use of automatic quenching equipment still improves work efficiency, reduces manual workload, long-term operating costs are low, and the quality of the parts made is good. Just input the quenching process into the numerical control computer, turn on the switch, and you can work on your own.