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Resolution method of SMC insulation board

Resolution method of SMC insulation board

Insulation board is a kind of board that is often right and wrong. It is widely used in various industries with its excellent insulation function. We should pay attention to investigating its quality when choosing, and we are skillful in distinguishing. The following will teach us how to distinguish.

1. The color of the insulating board is justified. The better insulating rubber board has high color brightness, the product has deep color purity, and the appearance is neat and smooth. On the contrary, the color of the insulating rubber sheet is dull and dull, the appearance is rough and uneven, and there are bubbles. There should be no harmful irregularities on the outer surface of the insulating rubber sheet. The so-called harmful irregularity refers to one of the following characteristics: that is, damage to uniformity, damage to the appearance of lubricating contours, such as small holes, cracks, local uplifts, cuts, inclusions of conductive foreign objects, creases, open spaces, bumps and corrugations, and casting marks, etc. . Harmless irregularity refers to the appearance irregularities formed in the production process.

2. The justification for the smell of the insulating board, the better insulating rubber board can be sniffed with the nose, there is a little smell, but it can be dissipated in a short time. No matter how good the rubber product is, it is normal that there is a little smell. On the other hand, the smell of insulating rubber sheet products is very pungent and does not spread out for a long time. If you stay in this environment for a few minutes, people will experience dizziness.

3. To justify the operation of the insulating board, you can fold the product directly. A good insulating rubber sheet has no traces of folding. On the contrary, the second insulating rubber sheet may break if you fold it. More than 5 different points should be randomly selected for thickness measurement and inspection on the entire insulating rubber sheet. It can be measured with a micrometer or an instrument with the same accuracy. The precision of the micrometer should be within 0.02mm, the diameter of the measuring drill should be 6mm, the diameter of the flat presser foot should be (3.17 ± 0.25) mm, and the presser foot should be able to apply a pressure of (0.83 ± 0.03) N. The insulating pad should be laid flat so that the micrometer measurement is smooth.

After the introduction of the above three points, we can distinguish whether the insulating board is good or bad. When we buy the product, we must choose the product produced by a regular manufacturer, so as not to buy fake and inferior products that affect normal use and cause unnecessary losses.