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Two common faults of chillers and their solutions

Two common faults of chillers and their solutions

1. The condensing pressure or condensing temperature of the chiller is the problem.

Common condenser failures are problems of excessive condensing pressure and condensing temperature. For these problems, you should first check whether there is scale or ash scale on the condenser itself (different condensers are used according to different air-cooled or water-cooled condensers). After cleaning and cleaning the condenser, check for other problems.

Troubleshooting cooling system problems is also a way to check condensing pressure and condensing temperature faults. Cooling system problems, including air-cooled and water-cooled cooling system faults, should be checked according to specific circumstances.

2. Compressor failure.

In addition to the problems of the compressor itself, the compressor failure is more due to the influence of other problems in the system, such as the suction of refrigerant containing liquid such as water through the suction port, and insufficient lubrication of the compressor, resulting in a large number of compressor failure problems. Occurs, excessive wear of components, or excessive temperature, resulting in excessive exhaust temperature, or metal debris entrapped in the refrigerant gas.