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Application of mica board in various industries

Application of mica board in various industries

1. In the paint, it can reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays or other light and heat to the paint film, and increase the acid, alkali and electrical insulation properties of the coating.

2. Mica powder can also be used in roofing materials to prevent rain, warmth, heat insulation, etc. Mica powder is mixed with mineral wool resin coatings, and can be used for decoration of concrete, stone, and brick exterior walls.

3. In rubber products, mica powder can be used as a lubricant, a release agent, and as a filler for high-strength electrical insulation and heat-resistant, acid- and alkali-resistant products.

4. The industry mainly uses its insulation and heat resistance, as well as its resistance to acid, alkali, pressure and stripping, and is used as an insulating material for electrical equipment and electrical equipment.

5. Used to manufacture steam boilers, furnace windows and mechanical parts of smelting furnaces. Mica crushed and mica powder can be processed into mica paper, and can also replace mica flakes to produce various low-cost, uniform thickness insulating materials.