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What is fluorophlogopite?

What is fluorophlogopite?

Fluorphlogopite flakes are also called fluorphlogopite fragments. It is made of chemical raw materials through high temperature melting and cooling and crystallizing. The fraction of its single wafer is KMg3(AlSi3O10)F2, which belongs to the monoclinic system and is a typical layered silicate.

Many of its functions are superior to natural mica. For example, the temperature resistance is as high as 1200℃. Under high temperature conditions, the volume resistivity of fluorophlogopite is 1000 times higher than that of natural mica. It has good electrical insulation and very low vacuum outgassing at high temperature. As well as the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, transparency, peelability and elasticity, it is an important non-metallic insulating material for modern industries and high technology such as motors, electrical appliances, electronics, and aviation.

Among the mica crystal blocks obtained by the internal heating method, more than 95% are small crystals that form mica fragments, which can be used to make a variety of insulating products, such as mica paper, laminates, mica powder, mica pearlescent pigments and mica ceramics, etc. , Widely used in many industrial sectors such as household appliances.

Fluorphlogopite can be used to make high-quality, high-demand mica plates. The temperature resistance is much higher than the general mica board, and it has high resistance to high pressure and good mechanical processing performance.