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Introduction to the application of high temperature muffle furnace in ash and slag

Introduction to the application of high temperature muffle furnace in ash and slag

Muffle furnace is used in laboratories, industrial and mining enterprises, and scientific research units for heat treatment of small steel parts, sintering, melting, analysis and high temperature heating of metal and ceramic materials. Today we take a look at the application of this furnace in ash and slag.

According to the muffle furnace manufacturer, ash refers to the amount of solid inorganic matter in a substance. The substance can be food or non-food, it can be an inorganic substance that contains organic substances or an inorganic substance that does not contain organic substances, and it can be a residue after calcination or a residue after drying. But ash is the solid part of the substance, not the gas or liquid part. The inorganic residues remaining after the burning of the ashing material are expressed as a percentage.

The application of muffle furnace in ash is roughly divided into three types: plastic ash, rubber ash, and food ash.

In the ash content test, smoke (gas) ash may be produced. The muffle furnace has a vent hole, which fully avoids the pollution caused by the dust test, ensures that the furnace is clean and convenient for continuous use.

Generally, the heating wire of the muffle furnace is directly exposed in the furnace. Our ash muffle furnace for ashes is wrapped in a quartz tube. Extend the life of the resistance wire without sacrificing the temperature rise rate. The normal resistance wire heating mode is changed to far infrared heating, the heating speed is faster and more stable.