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Induction melting furnace lining inner wall

Induction melting furnace lining inner wall

A. Part of the crucible close to the crucible at any different point at the same height is broken

B. The erosion range is more than 900℃, which is more severe in large electric furnaces

C. Higher part

Possible Causes:

The starting frit is in contact with some parts of the side wall, and when sintered, it will cause hot spots and expansion of the furnace lining


1. Pay special attention to the placement of the iron mold. Use a positioning ruler to keep it concentric with the coil. When placing it, carefully check whether the separation distance (ie the thickness of the furnace lining) is uniform and keep the error within 3mm, especially when the original coil or It is even more important when the yoke is replaced soon.

2. Check whether the bottom of the furnace block of the iron mold is flat, so that the bottom of the furnace block cannot be completely contacted with the bottom surface of the crucible, and the frit and the coil are not concentric and not parallel, resulting in a high temperature in the furnace lining during the oven.